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High Quality, Safe Plastic Blast Media for a Variety of Uses & Surfaces

From paint stripping to adhesive removal to coating removal, abrasive blasting and bead blast media can eliminate and remove stubborn materials from a variety of surfaces. Since 1995, Opti-Blast has been committed to providing its customers with dependable, reusable plastic media blasting products, ideal for a variety of projects, whether itÂ’s aircraft paint stripping, mold cleaning,or anti-corrosion coating removal. Our Plastic blast media specialists possess extensive industry experience and know-how, and continuously strive to deliver client-focused service.

Our Available Products

Opti-Blast carries a range of Quality Mil-Spec-approved bead blasting and plastic blasting media products, guaranteed to deliver maximum performance and the satisfying results you're looking for. Whether your goal is to effectively remove paint, mold, powder coating, sealants, or other stubborn materials via media blast, we carry the right plastic blast media to get the job done. Our media blasting supplies consist of T-2 Urea, T-3 Melamine, and T-5 Acrylic, which offer versatility, heavy-duty performance, and gentle yet effective removal, respectively. In addition we offer hard abrasives such as; Glass Beads, Crush Glass, Aluminum Oxide, Steel shot, and Walnut shell.

Ideal for Numerous Applications

Plastic blasting media is perfect for the removal of unwanted materials from a variety of components, from aircrafts and automobiles, to engines and electronics, to boats and other recreational vehicles. Whether you're in need of an automotive paint stripper, an aircraft paint stripper, or a product ideal for wet abrasive blasting, Opti-Blast can meet your needs with reliable products that are made in the USA. We maintain strict in-house quality control, ensuring our plastic media blasting and hard abrasive blasting media materials such as; Glass Beads, Crush Glass, Aluminum Oxide, Steel Shot, Walnut shell are up to par.

Top Notch Customer Service

As well as providing an assortment of superior plastic blasting and bead blasting media, we can easily meet your specifications regarding sizing, blending, and packaging. Additionally, you can expect speedy and professional shipping on your order. Also, be sure to inquire about our recycling program for any used Spent Media media blasting material.

Military Certifications

Certification Type II
Approval Opti-Blast Inc.
Urea (Type II)
Mesh Size: 20-30
Plastic Media (Lot Number 828A)
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Certification Type V
Approval Opti-Blast Inc.
Acrylic(Type V)
Mesh Size: 20-30
Plastic Media (Lot Number 824A)
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July Employer of the Month

Opti-Blast's very own Karen Perry and Jennifer Bara accepting recognition from the Jacksonville Economic Development Corporation. We are very proud to be named July Employer of the Month. Thank you JEDCO!

T-2 Urea, with a Barcol Hardness of 54-62, is our most versatile plastic blast media. It is highly suitable for a broad range of cleaning and stripping applications...
T-3 Melamine, with a Barcol Hardness of 64-72, is our most aggressive, fast blast media. It is highly suitable for a broad range of cleaning...
T-5 Acrylic, with a Barcol Hardness of 46-54, is especially suited for a broad range of applications that require high stripping rates coupled with...