Military Specification: Plastic Media

MIL-SPEC, Opti-Blast

MIL-P-85891(A): For the removal of organic coatings: Plastic media that is used in an abrasive blast operation for the removal of paint and coatings.

Opti-Blast, Inc. is approved and registered as MIL-SPEC approved and certified as a United States based manufacturer of Plastic Blast Media.

Our approved product can be used as an abrasive media in the removal of paint and coatings within all branches of the military: Air Force, Marines, Navy, Army and Coast Guard. In addition, Opti-Blast, Inc. MIL-SPEC approved product is used in the Aviation industry. It is used in both the commercial and private aviation industries. Plastic Media is used extensively as an alternative to chemical stripping. Plastic Media is excellent for removing paint on aircraft wheels and brakes, engine overhaul, and paint removal on the skin of the aircraft.

Certification Type II *
Approval Opti-Blast Inc.
Urea (Type II)
Mesh Size: 20-30
Plastic Media (Lot Number 828A)

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Certification Type V *
Approval Opti-Blast Inc.
Acrylic (Type V)
Mesh Size: 20-30
Plastic Media (Lot Number 824A)

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