Opti-Blast Plastic Blast Media

For over 25 years, Opti-Blast has manufactured and delivered high performance, quality plastic blast media to commercial and military customers around the world and are proudly US MIL-SPEC Approved.

To ensure consistent quality, we manufacture ALL of our plastic blast media. We are the ONLY true manufacturer of plastic abrasives as many competitors do not manufacture their own plastic abrasives in-house.

With our proprietary blend of plastic particles, our media propels against surfaces to lift off paint and other materials, leaving a clean, unmarred substrate. We have offered reliable, reusable plastic media blasting products since 1995 – products which are highly useful for a range of different project applications, including anti-corrosion coating removal, aircraft paint stripping, and mold cleaning. Our professional specialists in plastic blast and other media have extensive in-depth industry experience and are always committed to ensuring you get the best product for your blasting needs.

Suitable for Numerous Applications

Airplane Blasting Media for Cleaning Engine Components Plastic Media Blast for Automotive Restoration Blasting System For Aircraft Engine Components Plastic Media Blasting Aerospace Plastic Blast Media Aircraft Landing Gear Blasting for Aircraft Propeller Osprey Plastic Blast Media for Bell Helicopter

Abrasive and Plastic Blast Media Applications

Abrasive blasting and bead blasting media can remove extremely stubborn materials attached to various types of surfaces. If your services demand a surface cleaning medium that is efficient, effective, and environmentally acceptable, our blast media products are right for you.

Our MIL-SPEC approved blast media products were originally created for aviation applications—private, commercial, and military—which continues today. The use of our products has expanded to include Aerospace, Aviation, MRO, Electronics, Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Mold Cleaning, Automotive, Marine, and numerous other industries, along with our superior plastic blast media products being used for abrasive removal of paints and coatings on military parts in all military branches.

Opti-Blast, Inc. meets and exceeds all requirements for: GE (General Electric), Honeywell Aircraft Landing Systems, Goodyear, US Aerospace, Aviall/Boeing, US Department of Defense, Canadian Ministry of Defense, and other major customers.

We offer various plastic blast media and bead blasting media that provide exceptional performance and results. Regardless of whether you need to remove paint, powder coating, coatings, rubber residue from mold, sealants, or other tough materials through media blasting, we offer the perfect plastic media to get the job done.

Abrasive and Plastic Blast Media Products

The standard media blasting products we offer include T-2 Urea for increased level of stripping performance where stripping speed in a priority, T-3 Melamine for stripping the most difficult surfaces while providing an effective stripping rate, and T-5 Acrylic for stripping the most sensitive surfaces, all yielding superb results. We also offer hard abrasives that include steel shot, crushed glass, walnut shell, glass beads, and aluminum oxide.

We also have a specialty product range which includes Opti-Strip A for rapid coating removal on various substrates, Opti-Strip G for rapid coating and paint removal on hard substrates, Steel Miracle for removal of heavy coatings and/or corrosion, and Reman manufactured and designed for the overhaul industry.

As the superior choice among blasting media suppliers, if you are looking for quality material, affordable pricing, high availability, and great service, look no further than Opti-Blast.

Get Abrasive Blasting Supplies

For more information about the abrasive blasting supplies and bead blasting media products we offer, give us a call today at 903.589.0452, use our form to contact us, or request a product sample.