Standard Product Range

Opti-Blast carries a range of quality MIL-SPEC approved bead blasting and plastic blasting media products, which are guaranteed to deliver maximum performance and satisfying results. Whether your goal is to effectively remove paint, coatings, powder coating, sealants, rubber residue from molds, or other stubborn materials via media blast, we carry the right plastic blast media to get the job done.

Our media blasting material consists of T-2 Urea, T-3 Melamine, and T-5 Acrylic, which offer versatility, heavy-duty performance, and gentle yet effective removal, respectively. In addition, we offer hard abrasives such as: glass beads, crushed glass, aluminum oxide, steel shot, and walnut shell.

T-2 Urea

T-2 Urea, with a Barcol hardness of 54-62, is our most versatile plastic blast media. It is highly suitable for a broad range of cleaning and stripping applications, including aircraft, automobiles, marine vessels, trucks, and trailers.

T-2 is MIL-SPEC approved MIL-P-85891A.

Superb results can be expected in the removal of paints, anti-corrosion coatings, hydrocarbon deposits, waxes, oils, adhesives, and sealants, to name a few.

T-2 for optimum results on a variety of applications!

T-2 Urea Safety Data Sheet

T-3 Melamine

T-3 Melamine, with a Barcol hardness of 64-72, is our most aggressive, fast blast media. It is highly suitable for a broad range of cleaning and stripping applications and is highly desirable for replacing glass beads and other harsh abrasives.

Best results can be expected in the removal of stubborn paints, printers, hydrocarbon deposits and other hard materials such as molds, engines, iron, and steel.

T-3 for maximum aggression and performance on harder substrates!

T-3 Melamine Safety Data Sheet

T-5 Acrylic

T-5 Acrylic, with a Barcol hardness of 46-54, is especially suited for a broad range of applications that require high stripping rates coupled with the need to insure surface integrity. T-5 Mil Spec media meets or exceeds the requirements set forth in MIL-P-85891A.

T-5 is MIL-SPEC approved MIL-P-85891A.

Ideal for aircraft components, it is also excellent for powder coating removal from pultruded aluminum parts, thin fiberglass components, thin gauge metals, and of course, aircraft components.

T-5 Acrylic Safety Data Sheet

Opti-Blast offers non-toxic, environmentally safe media formulations for a wide variety of cleaning, stripping and de-painting applications. The plastic particles maintain fast-acting stripping over many cycles of use.

US Standard Sieve Inches Millimeters
12/16 .068 – .047 1.68 – 1.19
16/20 .047 – .033 1.19 – 0.84
20/30 .033 – .023 0.84 – 0.58
30/40 .023 – .017 0.58 – 0.42
40/60 .017 – .010 .042 – 0.25
60/100 .010 – .006 0.25 – 0.15