Standard Product Range – Bead Blasting Media

Opti-Blast provides businesses and partners an array of exceptional quality, MIL-SPEC approved bead blasting media and plastic blasting media products guaranteed to provide superior performance and optimum results. If your part and product requirement is to strip coatings, paint, sealants, powder coating, rubber residue from molds, or other obstinate materials, we offer the plastic blast media products you need for the best outcome and job performance.

Our Standard Bead Blasting Media Products

We manufacture media blast material options that include T-2 Urea, T-3 Melamine, and T-5 Acrylic. These materials provide versatility, strong and durable performance, and effective, yet gentle removal, respectively. The hard abrasives we offer include steel shot, aluminum oxide, walnut shell, and glass beads, including crushed glass blasting media.

We are your premier source among plastic media and glass bead blasting media suppliers.

Media Blast Manufacturer

T-2 Urea

The most versatile plastic blasting media we offer is T-2 Urea which has a Barcol hardness of 54-62. It is very useful for a wide range of stripping and cleaning applications, including for automobiles, trucks, marine vessel, and trailers.

T-2 is MIL-SPEC approved MIL-P-85891A

This blast media provides exceptional results in the removal of anti-corrosion coatings, paint, oils, waxes, sealants, hydrocarbon deposits, and adhesives.

Use T-2 for optimum results for various applications!

Bead Blasting Media

T-3 Melamine

Having a Barcol hardness of 64-72, T-3 Melamine is the most aggressive, fast blasting media we offer. It may be used with great effectiveness for a wide array of cleaning and stripping requirements and is a useful substitute for other harsh abrasives such as glass beads.

You can expect the best results using T-3 for the removal of stubborn primers, paints, hydrocarbon deposits, other hard materials on molds, steel, iron, and engines.

Use T-3 for maximum performance and aggression on harder substrates!

Bead Blasting Media

T-5 Acrylic

T-5 Acrylic, with a Barcol hardness of 46-54, is especially suited for a broad range of applications that require high stripping rates coupled with the need to insure surface integrity. T-5 Mil Spec media meets or exceeds the requirements set forth in MIL-P-85891A.

T-5 is MIL-SPEC approved MIL-P-85891A.

Ideal for aircraft components, it is also excellent for powder coating removal from pultruded aluminum parts, thin fiberglass components, thin gauge metals, and of course, aircraft components.

Bead Blasting Media

At Opti-Blast, we offer environmentally safe, non-toxic formulations to meet the stripping, cleaning, and de-painting needs of various applications. The plastic particles we offer produce fast-acting stripping results over numerous cycles of use.

US Standard Sieve Inches Millimeters
12/16 .068 – .047 1.68 – 1.19
16/20 .047 – .033 1.19 – 0.84
20/30 .033 – .023 0.84 – 0.58
30/40 .023 – .017 0.58 – 0.42
40/60 .017 – .010 .042 – 0.25
60/100 .010 – .006 0.25 – 0.15

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