Aluminum Oxide Blast Media from Opti-Blast 

Aluminum Oxide, a chemical compound commonly known as alumina or ALOX, is a white or brown solid used in various industrial applications, including as an abrasive, in ceramics, and as a refractory material. For blast media, aluminum oxide material is often used for sandblasting and other surface preparation applications. It consists of aluminum oxide particles manufactured to specific sizes and shapes for various blasting tasks. 

Aluminum oxide blast media is popular due to its hardness, toughness, and versatility. It can remove a wide range of surface contaminants, including rust, scale, paint, and corrosion, from various materials such as metals, composites, and ceramics. Additionally, it can create a textured surface finish suitable for painting, coating, or bonding processes. 

The benefits of aluminum oxide blast media include: 

Hardness: Aluminum oxide is a hard abrasive material, making it effective for removing tough coatings and contaminants. 

Durability and Recyclable: It is durable and can be recycled multiple times, reducing overall abrasive consumption and waste. 

Versatility: Aluminum oxide blast media can be used on various substrates, including steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. 

Consistency: It provides consistent results in terms of surface finish and profile, helping to achieve desired surface preparation standards. 

Cost-effectiveness: While aluminum oxide blast media may be more expensive than some other abrasives, its durability and recyclability can lead to cost savings over time. 

Opti-Blast Aluminum Oxide Blast Media – One-Stop Shop 

At Opti-Blast our high-quality, proprietary aluminum oxide blast media blend, Opti-Strip A, is 100% US manufactured in Texas. Opti-Blast A media combines soft and tough abrasive elements, uniquely crafted for swift removal of coatings across different surfaces. Specifically formulated, it excels in prepping surfaces for paint adhesion, as well as efficiently stripping coatings, rust, and corrosion within the optimal pressure range of 35 to 50 PSI.  

You can get our blast media shipped to you from us, you can reuse it, and then we have a resource that can recycle it for you, too. This means we are a one-stop resource to you for your blast media needs.  

Because we make the Opti-Strip A  blast media in-house, we have quality control and can produce this abrasive in a lot of assorted sizes for various uses. For example, the military uses aluminum oxide blast media on their armored Humvees.  

We get our materials from reliable and responsible sources and have been able to have stock available where others have not. This means our customers do not have to wait for our bulk blast media abrasive product amidst any shipping delays that may occur worldwide due to war or shipway traffic jams. 

Unlike our competitors, we manufacture our media to produce rigid edges that create a much higher strip rate. It does this by cutting, lifting, and removing the coating faster to stripping completion and leaving little to no profile on the substrate. 

Overall, aluminum oxide blast media is a popular choice for industrial surface preparation due to its effectiveness, versatility, and durability. Contact Opti-Blast today to discuss your specific needs or Request a Sample of our quality abrasive blast media material.