Shot Blasting Media

Shot blasting is a process of abrasive metal finishing that is often very effective for surface cleaning, coating, roughening, cosmetic finishing, and preparation for painting. The process of shot blasting involves a continuous stream of tiny stainless-steel particles that are called “shot” which are propelled under high pressure against a surface to produce the desired effect. At Opti-Blast, we offer a shot blasting media blend to help you effectively complete metal finishing and other projects.

Shot Blasting Media Metal Finishing Processes

Shot blasting media commonly consists of small, spherical shaped pellets with a size range of between 1 to 6 mm in diameter. Larger sized shot produces a rougher finish, while smaller sized shot produces a smoother finish.

Steel grit is an angular type of shot that produces more aggressive cleaning results, such as the removal of contaminants from a surface. Chilled iron grit is another type of shot used for paint and rust removal, but it is too aggressive to be used on soft metals such as aluminum.

At Opti-Blast, we offer Steel Miracle, our priority blend of hard abrasives with a PSI that can be as low as 40 and has high as 80. Our shot blasting media blend is used by the offshore building, oil and gas, and aerospace industry. This product is a great example of we at Opti-Blast will create the perfect blast media blend, in this case with plastic and shot, for a particular demand within specific industries. When 100% shot blasting was too harsh for the substrate being cleaned in the offshore space, we created our plastic/shot media blend.

Shot Blasting Technologies

The two main types of technologies used for shot blasting include air blasting and wheel blasting. Air blasting utilizes pneumatically pressurized air that is sent through a nozzle and projects the shot basting media onto the surface of an object. The user can control the blast stream velocity for desired results. Wheel blasting utilizes a centrifugal wheel and changes electrical energy into kinetic energy that delivers steel shot onto a surface. Wheel blasting is highly effective for cleaning, removing rust, descaling, or edge braking on larger sized components.

If you use one or both of these technologies, our Steel Miracle shot blasting media is right for you.

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