Glass Blasting Media

Glass Bead and Crushed Glass Blast Media

If you need glass bead or crushed glass blast media, give Opti-Blast a call. We can also create hybrid mixed media solutions based on the surface preparation you need and the end goal you desire.

Our customers primarily utilize glass media for surface cleaning, finishing, and peening in various industrial applications, on different substrates. Here is a more detailed breakdown of what glass blast media can do:

Surface preparation and cleaning

Glass blast media is used to prepare surfaces before painting, coating, or bonding. It helps remove rust, old paint, dirt, and other surface contaminants, leaving a clean and roughened surface ready for the application of new coatings or finishes.

Surface finishing

The process can provide a smooth, satin-like finish to metal surfaces, reducing surface roughness and creating a visually appealing appearance. It is often used in applications where a consistent and aesthetically pleasing surface is required.


Glass blasting is employed to remove sharp edges and burrs from machined parts, making them safer to handle and less prone to causing injuries.


In certain industries, glass blasting is used for shot peening, which is a surface treatment that induces compressive stresses on the surface of metal components. This process helps improve fatigue resistance and prolong the lifespan of the parts.

Blasting Applications

Glass media can be used in various blasting equipment, such as sandblasters or abrasive blasting cabinets.

Mold and die cleaning

The glass blasting technique is used to clean molds and dies in manufacturing processes, helping to maintain the quality and precision of the final products.

Aerospace and automotive applications

Glass blasting is often used in the aerospace and automotive industries to clean and finish engine components, wheels, and other parts.

Texturing and etching

Glass blasting can be used to create surface textures and patterns on materials like glass, metals, and plastics, for decorative or functional purposes.

Glass bead and crushed glass blast media comes in various sizes to cater to different applications. Glass beads are considered a relatively gentle hard abrasive, making it suitable for delicate parts and situations where excessive material removal or damage to the substrate is undesirable. Crushed glass has sharper edges and therefore is used when less subtlety is required.

Contact our experts at Opti-Blast to learn more about all of your options, including our standard and specialty products, and let’s discuss your particular usage of blast media. Or simply, request a sample!