Let’s Talk About Plastic Blast Media at the 2023 AMPP Annual Conference in Denver!

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By optiblast_adm
opti blast at ampp 2023


Come to booth 1500 to visit Opti-Blast at the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo taking place now through March 22, 2023 in Denver, Colorado! Haven’t tried our plastic blast media before? That is why we travel to this show so you can learn why in the last year alone dozens of companies in the US and around the world have switched to our quality blast media products. We are the only true US manufacturer of plastic blast media. That fact alone, and our available bulk inventory, make us the ones to visit at a coating show. You need to learn why we have loyal customers and why others are switching to us. If you are responsible for the removal of coatings on various substrates you need to learn about our MIL-SPEC approved standard bead blasting media products and specialty products.

MRO professionals throughout all branches of the military and other industries like aviation and electronics like our media as an alternative to hazardous media, chemical options, and other media choices. By getting our quality, reusable blasting media in bulk for removing coatings, paint, and more, you are doing the best thing for your equipment and the environment as we also have recycling options available!

Mathew Vaughn, President, and Chris Howard, Sales Director, are available to set up appointments during the show or for questions via the website’s Contact Form. We hope to see you soon to talk about plastic blast media!