Opti-Blast at NBAA 2022 Maintenance Conference in San Antonio, May 3-5

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By optiblast_adm
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Maintaining its support of the aviation industry, Opti-Blast will be at the National Business Aviation Association 2022 Maintenance Conference, May 3-5, at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, TX. The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is the leading organization for companies that rely on general aviation aircraft to help make their businesses more efficient, productive, and successful.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, general aviation is defined as a flight not conducted by the military or scheduled airlines. Business aviation is general aviation. Tens of thousands of companies are in the aviation community and 97% of them are nonprofit or small to medium-sized businesses that rely on different types of general aircraft.

From helicopters to single-pilot airplanes to turbine aircraft, businesses have fixed-base operations and other services that support flight operations within the US’s 5,000 public-use airports. And where there are aircrafts, there is aircraft maintenance. And where there is aircraft maintenance, there is and should be Opti-Blast’s media for blasting as a best practice for small flight department maintenance.

Opti-Blast’s plastic blast media is perfect for aircraft paint stripping, plus it can clean, deburr, and deflash diverse surfaces of machines and parts that need to be maintained. Other benefits businesses get from using our media include:

  • Availability: Simply put, we have stock. Companies have access to several different types of Opti-Blast media, including high-quality MIL-SPEC approved media.
  • Recyclability: Plastic blast media is reusable for several cycles and then recyclable. Typically, it may be used up to twelve times before it becomes ineffective as a paint stripper. Often the waste media can be reconstituted into the manufacturing process of other products. We are the only media blast manufacturer in the US currently offering recycling.

The 2022 NBAA Maintenance Conference is business aviation’s most valuable educational event for maintenance professionals – from technicians to directors of maintenance. It is an exciting opportunity for those who do not yet know about the benefits of plastic blast media to visit our Opti-Blast booth, #640, and discuss the world of aviation maintenance and superior products.

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