Opti-Blast at the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo March 4-7, 2024

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AMPP Conference 2024 Coatings and Corrosion Plastic Blast Media

Opti-Blast is once again attending the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo 2024, March 4-7, in New Orleans! Stop by our Booth #2132!  

The conference itself is a diverse networking and educational event focusing on corrosion and coating best practices. As the only US manufacturer of abrasive blast media specializing in plastic blast media, and a blast media supplier to both military MROs and commercial MROs, Opti-Blast values the face-to-face collaboration this conference provides us to see existing customers and meet new ones. The thousands of coatings and corrosion professionals from over 350 companies the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo draws in allows attendees to share with us the launch of new projects they have, learn about results regarding existing Opti-Blast products, and discuss the possibilities of a custom blast media made by Opti-Blast just for them.  

Opti-Blast is already well known for our MIL-SPEC approved plastic blast media whose quality is relied upon in all industry segments, including our standard product range of T-2 Urea which is MIL-SPEC approved MIL-85891A, T-3 Melamine, and T-5 Acrylic which is MIL-SPEC approved MIL-P-85891A and ideal for aircraft components, including aircraft paint stripping. Our environmentally safe, reusable, recyclable non-toxic formulations have proven to provide fast-acting stripping results over numerous cycles of use. Our plastic particles meet the stripping, cleaning, and de-painting needs of various applications. Ask us why the shape of blast media matters for your component maintenance projects! 

We also have our popular specialty line of blast media products that includes Opti-Strip A that is manufactured and designed for rapid coating removal on various substrates, Opti-Strip G that is ideal for rapid coating and paint removal on hard substrates such as steel and cast aluminum, Steel Miracle designed and manufactured for removal of heavy coatings and/or corrosion, and Reman that will remove paint and coatings without damaging more sensitive substrates.  

We also provide shot blasting media, bead glass media, crushed glass media, aluminum oxide blasting media, walnut, and more. Just tell us what you are looking for and we can discuss all your possibilities! Many of our customers appreciate that there are no delays in filling orders due to the blast media stock we have on hand and our streamlined manufacturing process. We can ship in bulk in the US and globally.  

Overall, we could not be more excited to be part of the AMPP Conference 2024 to highlight our entire range of blast media products and distributor services. We hope to see you at the conference or contact us now to discuss your bulk blast media supply needs!  

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