PBExpo March 2024 Aviation & Aerospace Trade Show Thanks

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By optiblast_adm
Plastic Blast Media Solutions at PBExpo

Opti-Blast would like to thank all the existing and new clients that visited our booth at the PBExpo in Miami Beach earlier this month! Meeting with so many MRO team members and discussing projects that require abrasive blast media and our Opti-Blast plastic blast media solutions has truly been the highlight of our year so far. There is a reason this trade show has become a draw for leaders and innovators in Aviation & Aerospace to come together within the connected aviation community. 

As a leading US plastic blast media manufacturer and supplier to the military and aviation industry, we were pleased to be able to discuss our full plastic media product line to discuss aircraft paint stripping and maintenance of everything from airplane engines to wheels to brakes.

Our MIL-Spec approved T2-Urea and T5-Acrylic remain popular among MROs as does our T-3 Melamine. Custom blast media mixes, which Opti-Blast can specifically manufacture, was also a hot topic since substrates of various plane components change and the number of parts and planes expand. The way mold, paint, and corrosion are handled amongst MRO teams has evolved. Blast media products, in particular our uniquely shaped, reusable, and recyclable plastic blast media, have become an one-stop shop solution for MROs around the world.  

We will see you at the PBExpo 2025 in February in Miami Beach! In the meantime, do not forget we are an expert resource for bulk blast media of all types. Request a sample, contact us to discuss specifications, or call us at 1-800-453-4510 if you have questions or needs!